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April 8, 2020 & April 15, 2020 on air with Tom Obey as we talk about the Journey of Faith and an Open Heart on WHCF FM Radio 88.5

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Coffee with Kim on Up2Me Radio

Most people we meet have hard stories to tell. The stories that give us hope and help us persevere the best as the ones where God’s grace shines bright in the darkness. And this is the kind of story next week’s guest in “COFFEE with Kim” has to tell. Jenny Muscatell, widowed at 36, is mom to a daughter with a congenital heart disease that has required 8 major open-heart surgeries. Author of “The Journey of Faith and an Open Heart,” Jenny is sure to inspire us as she points to the evidence of God’s very personal power in our darkest days.

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CHD Magazine

I'm Sorry How You Know

Article on page 20

Heart Month

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Game Faith

Game Faith

created by

Thomas Dahlborg

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Bereaved but Still Me

Join Jenny with Michael Liben on death and dying, grief and healing.

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Brave Heart Book Reading

CHD Book Reading

Hosted by Carli Valentine

February 2022

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Compassion Clinic

Compassion Clinic

Talk Time

June 2022

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Behind the CHD Magazine

Jenny Muscatell & Amy M. Le

With Anna Jaworski
July 2022

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CHD Magazine

A Story Only God can Write

College for the CHD Student

Article on page 15 & 18

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Heart to Heart with Anna

Jenny Muscatell 

With Anna Jaworski
ACHD, Faith, Writing, Grief

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Hope & Courage Podcast

Jenny with Tom & Kat Hansen. Cutting edge procedures, faith, parenting.

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Brave Heart Author Q & A

Brave Heart Author Q & A

Hosted by Carli Valentine

February 2022

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Healing Hearts Vietnam

An Evening With Meaning

Keynote Speaker

May 2022

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Live Chat

Jenny Muscatell

with Carli Valentine

July 2022

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CHD Magazine

The Girl Who Ran

Article on page 13-14

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Chasing Joy 100 Ways

Join Jenny with Nicole Card Groenewald on her podcast: Chasing Joy 100 ways

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The Story I'll Tell

Crosspoint Church

Women's Conference

April - 2022

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It's My Heart New England

Heart Week

VIP Guest Readers

February 2022

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Journey Together

Spring Women's Conference

Key Note Speaker

May 2022

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Bereaved But Still Me

Marriage 2.o

Saying, "I do," again

February 2022