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Matthew 18:20 ESV

For where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am among them. 

Life gets busy & sometimes downright messy, yet it is also beautiful and full of inspiration. At Muscatell Ministries we understand the changing of the seasons. That is why we have created resources for all walks of life. Join us while we celebrate the good, and walk with us as we travel through the difficult. As most any Italian family would say, these conversations are best held over a tasty meal, which is why we have included some of our favorite recipes to make you feel at home. You will find our conversations to be much like our recipes - not watered down and full of nutrients.

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Jenny Muscatell

Jenny Muscatell is a licensed social worker, blogger, best-selling author, radio host for #truthin5 on Christian Mix 106, and photographer.  Jenny is also the Co-founder of Muscatell Ministries, Valiant Works Publishing, The Heart Community Collection and serves as the Creator and Editor in Chief for CHD Magazine. With over two decades of experience in the social services field, Jenny has established an extensive reservoir of expertise specializing in crisis intervention, health systems, and end-of-life care. Her career path has provided her with the reasoned perspective required to thoughtfully examine any number of topics. Jenny is deeply passionate about the work she does. She has been regarded as a fierce advocate, and a beacon of truth, fairness, and commonsense.


Jenny is the author of the Amazon Best Selling book, “The Journey of Faith and an Open Heart.” As a public speaker, she has shared her faith and experiences on a variety of podcasts, social media platforms, radio and television. 

Widowed at 36, and mom to an HLHS warrior who has required eight major open-heart surgeries - Jenny knows the ache of difficult times. She spends countless hours supporting the heart community through various efforts and works hard to help others stand in perseverance and cling to hope. 


Through faith-filled presentations, heartfelt written words, and photography, Jenny’s mission is to give voice to the vulnerable, hope to the hurting, and to make way for the unspoken to be told. 

Daniel Muscatell

Daniel Muscatell

Daniel Muscatell is a pastor, author, and avid reader who has served as an editor for several published works. Daniel is the Co-founder of Muscatell Ministries, Valiant Works Publishing and co-host for That's the #Truth Podcast. With almost two decades of experience serving in the ministry field, Daniel has developed a passion to engage with the community around him, whether it be on the street, on the job, or within healthcare settings. Daniel is a graduate of Valley Forge Christian College having gained his Bachelor's degree in Theological & Religious Studies, and has completed several courses toward his Master's in Divinity with Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. 

Daniel has been regarded as a compassionate soul who is not afraid to dive deep into the topics of life and discuss hard truths. He brings voice to the necessary, attention to the forgotten, and reason above the noise. While Daniel is known to speak the hard truths, he demonstrates a contagious ability to find joy in most any situation and tends to leave those whom he meets with smiles upon their faces. 

Daniel's desire is to create discussions that lead to self-reflection, social awareness, and a level of soul-searching that produces real change in our attitudes, behaviors, and relationships with others. 

Daniel, a New York native who was raised in an Italian family, knows the importance of great conversation over a hearty meal, which is why  Muscatell Ministries features some family recipes for you to enjoy. 


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Recipes | Moscatellis | Jenny Muscatell

From Our Table To Yours

Enjoy these amazing recipes from Scarlata's Kitchen
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